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Will the building fit in my backyard?

You might be surprised at what our experienced installation team can accomplish. However, in the beginning it is important to determine the accessibility of the location where you want your building to sit. Our sales and transportation staff are experts in this area, and are always willing to perform site checks at your location. Where delivery is not possible, onsite construction is available. Whatever your situation, we will offer a tailored solution.

Do I have to pour a slab?

Legends buildings are built on pressure treated skids, therefore a concrete slab is NOT necessary. However, we do offer installations which are compatible for slab foundations.

What is Rent To Own?

Rent to own is a lease transaction targeted to allow the affordability of self storage in the privacy and convenience of your own property. The rent to own option is an easy, affordable, limited obligation option, making use and ownership of our buildings accessible to everyone!

How long will it take for my building to be constructed and delivered?

This varies with each building depending on the level of customization.

Will you move my building if I relocate?

Yes. Our buildings are sturdy and truly portable! We are also able to move buildings made by other manufacturers. If you are calling for a quote, keep in mind we’ll need to know your building’s size and manufacturer, and the addresses and accessibility of points A & B.

What if I need repairs?

Simply call Texoma Portable Buildings, (940) 632-9646 and report any issues at hand. We honor the following warranties:1 year general craftsmanship on all carpentry and finished applications.30 year manufacturer’s warranty on metal against rust, fade, and decay, Lifetime warranty on pressure treated skids against decay, rot, and fungal damage. If your specific issue is not warranty related, we will offer affordable repair rates and schedule repairs at our earliest mutual convenience.

What is the difference between peak and gable roof style?

A "peak" roof style is built with the ridge line of the roof perpendicular to the skids. A "gable" roof style is built with the ridge line parallel to the skids. Usually the door of a building is placed on the "long" side of the building on a peak roof style, whereas on a gable roof style the door is placed on the "short" side of the building. Door placement is of course customizable and can be altered upon request.